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Jeter’s Legendary Quest September 14, 2008

Posted by Pablo Zevallos in Derek Jeter, Epic Fail, Epic Win.

Derek Jeter went an unbelievable 9-11 this series to tie Lou Gehrig’s record of 1,269 hits at Yankee Stadium. His tying hit, actually, was a homer off 2007 #1 overall pick LHP David Price, and it was also with a homer that he tied Gehrig’s all-time Yankees’ hit record last Sunday in Seattle.

There are few bright spots right now for the Yankees, but Derek Jeter is making the Yankees worth watching right now in the dog days of September. What he’s doing is a testament to his great career and his almost robotic consistency. It also is a question of “What might have been?” for Gehrig, but this is a great thing for the Yankees either way.

What is terrible is that NESN ESPN is calling the last game ever at Yankee Stadium. I now have to hear Joe Morgan’s consistent stupidity (heh), Captain Obvious Jon Miller, and John Henry’s homey Peter Gammons’s extremely pro-Red Sox bias. It’s unbelievable what MLB and ESPN are subjecting us, the fans, to. I’d rather have Michael freaking Kay than these guys, because Al Leiter, Ken Singleton, David Cone, or whomever actually have a clue about what they say and are good announcers. Screw you, ESPN.


1. Chris - October 14, 2008

Jeter is just amazing.

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