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Game Thread (156): The Final Game at Yankee Stadium September 21, 2008

Posted by Pablo Zevallos in Game Thread, Last Game at Yankee Stadium, Yankee Stadium.

After 85 years, Yankee Stadium is closing its doors. Twenty-six championships and 39 pennants later, this is it. The ceremony was amazing, with everyone from Bernie Williams to a Babe Ruth actor present. Who will win this game? Who will hit a homer, just as Babe Ruth hit one in the first game in the House that He Built? Fittingly, Big Game Andy is around to pitch the final game.

1. CF Johnny Damon
2. SS Derek Jeter
3. RF Bobby Abreu
4. 3B Alex Rodriguez
5. 1B Jason Giambi
6. LF Xavier Nady
7. 2B Robinson Cano
8. DH Hideki Matsui
9. C Jose Molina

LHP Andy Pettitte


1. Chris - October 14, 2008

I enjoyed this game. The Yankees actually played with heart and desire. something missing from the entire season

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